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The Weeknd | XO Gang | Abel Tesfaye | Tour Dates, House Of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes Of Silence
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A couple of weekends ago, The Weeknd was at a BBQ party hosted by Stussy Toronto during the North by Northeast (NXNE) festivities. During that same weekend, the video for Drake’s Marvin’s Room was shot at a secret bar located beneath the Stussy and Ransom stores in Toronto.

The OVO crew and the XO gang were both present during the shoot and if you pay close attention, you might spot some of the more notable members of each crew (40, Niko). There are also some discrete symbols in the video representing the XO crew, like the video cuts where balloons are being inflated. As usual, Abel was low key.

OVOXO, see you at the next show

Fuck it… I popped one…


In a recent interview with Fader TV in Brooklyn, Drake confirmed that his new album Take Care will contain a “bunch” of features, including The Weeknd. His first single is set to drop in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

Additionally, a couple of days ago, Drake tweeted about his upcoming tour in Fall, mentioning OVOXO in the mix. This could very well be hinting that The Weeknd will be opening for him during his Take Care tour.

Lots more content coming soonXO ’til we overdose

Loft Music x XO x Pardon Le Dopeness

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Another throwback. Back in January 2011, Pardon Le Dopeness (a clothing brand out of Toronto) featured Loft Music in their behind the scenes video of their XO collection which was inspired by photography duo XO. The collaboration resulted in the release of two limited edition t-shirts.

Cups of the XO… ’til we overdose…

HBO released a new, extended image trailer today for Season 8 of Entourage. Like the original trailer, this features The Weeknd’s High For This.

The Birds Part 2 (The Consequence) coming soon… XO ’til we overdose…