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The Weeknd | XO Gang | Abel Tesfaye | Tour Dates, House Of Balloons, Thursday, Echoes Of Silence
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The Weeknd - The Knowing

Mikael Colombu, director of The Weeknd’s debut music video, takes us behind the scenes of the making of “The Knowing”. Check out the scenes from the music video below, filmed in 2D JANKYVISION.

Click here to see the full photo album.

In an interview with MTV Hive at Pitchfork’s Music Festival last weekend, Danny Brown mentioned that he was in talks with The Weeknd about collaborating on his new album: “We’re talking about doing something, maybe for the new album… We started talking on Twitter and texting each other.”

Danny Brown also mentioned the constant comparisons being drawn between The Weeknd and Frank Ocean: “You can’t be a fan of Frank Ocean and the Weeknd… I feel like it’s a Pepsi or Coke thing: You gotta pick one, and I’m more of a Weeknd guy.”

Skrillex, Diplo and Pretty Lights were in Toronto yesterday for their concert at the Historic Fort York. The Weeknd also happened to be present at the event and the after party at The Hoxton, where he had a chance to catch up with the three performers. What resulted was a trippy night in a Toronto studio with Diplo, The Weeknd and XO crew.

Will any collaboration music result from this rare studio appearance? Only time will tell.

DropxLife - 12x12 (Mixtape)

With the release of his newest single “OceaxInc”, DropxLife also lets loose on the “12×12” mixtape. Tracklist and download below.

3. 12X12

This is Drop’s third mixtape with the first two being “AllxLegends” and “Furthur”. I have included download links for the first two projects as well.

Download: DropxLife – 12×12 (Mixtape)
Download: DropxLife – Furthur (Mixtape)
Download: DropxLife – AllxLegends (Mixtape)

XO artist Drop releases 8xHundred.