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Free Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow

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Namely, your muscles and bones, joints and everything else than your body is made of. Relaxing your brain can be achieved thought dancing, no doubt about it. But there are plenty of examples of cases when dancers suffer from stage fright or they are too stressed to perform or even attend practice; and this is when they need to do something to loosen up so they can achieve their goals. These next few tips should help you reach that state of calmness and total mind relaxation that should help you better control your body and complete your dance routine hassle-free.


Eat Foods That Relax Your

Chocolate – a single square of it – can help you relax, as it has amazing effects on your nervous system, engaging it in a state of happiness – with special emphasis on the benefits of dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa which can regulate the cortisol levels – responsible for controlling stress. Another sweet and tasty food we all love is honey and you can slurp some of it whenever you are feeling too restless to dance. Honey has been proven to reduce brain inflammations which are responsible for the state of anxiety and depression. Mango contains important amounts of linalool which is a substance meant to reduce stress levels; green tea and chewing gum can have similar stress and anger relieving effects   


Do Something That Relaxes You

It can range from meditation to simply laying your head on a cushion or playing some slots online on a site like Vegas Winner. Whatever brings a smile to your face, helping you completely disconnect from the stress and get into a state of coolness that enables you to complete your practice should be used. Vegas Winner and other Vegas-like places online can provide you with a vast array of free, fun mode or real money wagering games of poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and everything in between. Make your pick, pause tour games whenever you feel like it and lay in a stress-free environment like on a park bench before your next dance practice or performance.


Take Deep Breaths

This is one of the most popular means of relaxation that is handy no matter where you are and it does not require any special tool liberate some of your anxiety. Consider learning pranayama breathing, which is part of yoga practices – and which involves breathing through one nostril at a time in order to gradually get rid of your anxiety.

Shot in Toronto.

‘Twenty Eight’ by The Weeknd is the iTunes single of the week.

Download ‘Twenty Eight’ for free on iTunes.

November 13 is finally here. Trilogy now available worldwide.

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The Weeknd and reps spoke with Billboard about the bidding war to sign Abel, clearing samples for Trilogy, profits from touring and eventually doing press. Excerpts from the article are posted below. Click here to read the full story on Billboard.

“But the press-shy Weeknd tells Billboard that although the Trilogy samples were “killing me,” he was able to get clearance from acts like Beach House (“The Party & the After Party”) and Siouxsie and the Banshees (“Glass Table Girls”). Only his use of Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” on fan favorite “What You Need” failed to make the CD.

In October 2011, William Morris Endeavor music head Marc Geiger famously told Topspin CEO Ian Rogers that the Weeknd was able to command $25,000 for a show-even though he’d yet to play a single proper gig. Joel Zimmerman, music agent and head of William Morris Electronic, clarified to Billboard that the figure was used more as an example of the quotes mentioned in the bidding war to sign the Weeknd and his management-a deal that remained in process through January 2012.

“I had just booked Coachella for his first U.S. show, and I didn’t know if we were hired. I still thought this could be a one-off thing,” Zimmerman says. “Right before they came out to L.A., I flew to Toronto to meet everybody and get a handle on who they were and how we could work together. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I ever had.”

The Weeknd’s initial U.S. shows, with a limited band and set production, grossed an impressive $335,000 across five dates with attendance of 8,352, according to Billboard Boxscore. For a fall tour that began in September and ran through last week, the Weeknd returned with a new band, backup singers and a full production complete with custom videos.

Zimmerman notes that the Weeknd has already begun recording new material, and that major touring plans will bring him to Europe in the spring, the festival circuit in the summer and even bigger U.S. venues next fall. The artist may even become more accessible in due time.

“At some point, he’ll start doing press,” Zimmerman says, “but right now it’s been more about the music and the performance and just evolving as an artist.”