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The Weeknd – The Zone (Ft. Drake) [Official Music Video]

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The official music video for The Zone is finally here. The OVOXO movement is strong. Toronto stand up.

Artists: The Weeknd ft. Drake
Executive Producer: Geoff McLean
Directors: LaMar Taylor, Abel Tesfaye, Martin Wong

Old songs making a comeback

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How many songs do we know and often sing along while cooking or driving or working?

There are people who love music and can’t live without it, while other people only listen to music from time to time. Another category of persons love to listen to music in particular moments: for example, while studying or playing or working.

It seems that there is a deep connection between mental concentration and music. However, not all music is good! In fact, music can convey a wide range of feelings and sensations in the listeners, so it’s necessary to match the right music to the case.

Soft and harmonious notes

For mental concentration classical pieces are the best: they can relax our brain and facilitate the activity of memory and concentration on a particular topic. Old songs

This partially explains why classical songs often come back after decades: it’s because of their harmonious rhythm, of their lovely words and relaxing sound. But probably there’s also a fashion factor in this: sometimes old songs make their comeback as old fashion elements of a new trend in the music industry.

Classical songs helps along with mental concentration and this is a matter of fact. Today you can see employees of all work fields working with a light soft music background: in the supermarkets, in the fashion boutiques and most shops, in the waiting room of dentists…. and also in most back offices.

Music can help the brain activity also if you are studying or working at home. For some home office jobs, like online trading, you may feel the need of listening to a classical old song while deciding how much money to invest in a particular binary option.

Types of binary options

Not all binary options are the same: in fact, there are several types of binary options available on most trading platforms on the web. With optionrally you can choose from stocks, forex, commodities, currencies, indices. In general, the system to process binary options is the same.

Basically, you  have to anticipate the direction of a dual proposition “yes/no” about a particular firm’s share or currencies value. If your prediction (which is actually your binary option) is correct you can earn up to 81% and in case of incorrect option you get a payout of 15% of the invested money.

This is possible only if you join Option Rally and choose to process your binary options though one of its promoted trading platforms. In fact, most trading platforms out there do not turn back money in case of negative option.

Marketing tools

With Option Rally you can get a free binary option guide “for Newbies”: this is one of the most effective and best marketing tools to help new traders learn all about online trading and binary options.

You can also join the free education course of Option Rally with teachers and experts who can directly live chat with you to help you understand the best ways to process binary options. For more info, contact the free customer service.

Wiz Khalifa – Remember You (Ft. The Weeknd) [Official Music Video]

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Shot in Toronto.

The Weeknd – Twenty Eight: iTunes Single Of The Week

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‘Twenty Eight’ by The Weeknd is the iTunes single of the week.

Download ‘Twenty Eight’ for free on iTunes.

Trilogy by The Weeknd Now Available In Stores and Online

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November 13 is finally here. Trilogy now available worldwide.

iTunes ◆ Best Buy ◆ HMV ◆ MyPlay ◆ Amazon ◆ More…